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Stadtwerk Elsterwerda GmbH

Stadtwerk Elsterwerda GmbH (SE) in the south of Brandenburg was founded in 1992. With effect from 1 July 2011, Danpower acquired the majority shares (51 %) in Stadtwerk Elsterwerda as well as the biomass heat and power plant in Elsterwerda.

Stadtwerk Elsterwerda GmbH currently supplies with district heating approximately 40 customers at 120 collection points. The connected load of the supplied customers is around 16 MW. Some of the customers are, among others, public institutions, nurseries, schools, recreational facilities, private residential buildings, rental properties and companies.

The biomass heat and power plant provides the heat necessary for the supply of the end customers of the municipal utility company. Due to the utilisation of renewable energies (biomass from waste wood, categories A I - A IV) and the application of the highly efficient CHP technology, the primary energy factor is 0.00 (certificate). For that reason, the biomass plant works climate friendly and contributes significantly to the protection of the environment.

Stadtwerk Elsterwerda GmbH sells about 18 GWh of district heating a year. The district heating is delivered to the customers through an approximately 11 km long district heating network.

Biomass heat and power plant in Elsterwerda

Stadtwerk Elsterwerda GmbH
Lauchhammerstraße 45
04910 Elsterwerda

Telephone +49 (3533) 4867-0 
Telefax      +49 (3533) 4867-12

Faultclearing service
0172/3701335 and 0173/3648238

Dipl. oec. Thomas Becker
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mario Sonntag

Local court of Cottbus
HRB 2304
VAT ID DE 138941238

Straße des 3. Oktober - heat customer