Danpower Group

PD energy GmbH

PD energy GmbH operates the thermal residue treatment plant (TRT-plant) is located in the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park. Danpower GmbH in Postdam and ChemiePark Bitterfeld-Wolfen GmbH are equal stockholders of the company created in 2006.

With an investment volume of approximately 65,000,000 €, we built a new treatment facility which completely complies with the requirements of the 17th Federal Immission Control Ordinance and thereby fulfills the strictest environmental standards

The TRT-plant has an electric power of approximately 10 MW and a simultaneous heat extraction of approximately 15 MW (steam and district heat supply). The produced electricity is fed into the grid of the local district operator. The heat goes to local companies through the steam grid in the ChemiePark, and is delivered to the district heating network belonging to BFG GmbH through a newly built pipeline.

The power plant employs 27 people.

TRT-plant in Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Administrative Office
District area Bitterfeld
Zörbiger Straße 22
06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Telephone +49 (3493) 723-45
Telefax      +49 (3493) 728-94

Location of the residue treatment plant
District area Bitterfeld - ChemiePark Areal D
Oststraße 1
06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Liebisch
Dr. Michael Polk

Local court of Stendal
HRB 6167