Danpower Group

Danpower GmbH

The Danpower GmbH is the leading company of the Danpower Group, a heat supplier and contracting company, active in Germany and in the Baltic states with head office in Potsdam. It belongs with a majority of 84.9 % to Stadtwerke Hannover AG (enercity).

The following companies belong to the Danpower Group:

-  Danpower GmbH
   -  Subsidiary in Tallinn/Estonia
-  EKT Energie und Kommunal-Technologie GmbH
-  Wärmeversorgung Wolgast GmbH
-  Bitterfelder Fernwärme GmbH
-  PD energy GmbH
-  IEW Innovative Energien Wolgast GmbH
-  IEP Innovative Energien Potsdam GmbH
-  PME Projektmanagement & Engineering GmbH
-  Danpower Energie Service GmbH
-  ELW Energieversorgung Leinefelde-Worbis GmbH  
-  WVZ-Wärmeversorgung Zinnowitz GmbH
-  Danpower Eesti AS
-  Danpower Baltic UAB
-  vigoris Handels GmbH
-  Stadtwerk Elsterwerda GmbH
-  Danpower Biomasse Pfaffenhofen GmbH

The Danpower Group develops and implements energy supplying solutions for a highly efficient heat, electricity and cooling generation. Beside conventional heating plants and combined heat and power generation plants the company focuses on the use of renewable energies such as biogas/special gas, biomass (wood) as a supplement to fossil fuels. Just as much, the Danpower Group is involved in projects dedicated to the recycling of residual wastes. 

Danpower GmbH
Otto-Braun-Platz 1
14467 Potsdam

Telephone +49 (331) 23782-0
Telefax      +49 (331) 23782-29

Dipl. oec. Sven Schmieder
Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Liebisch
Dr.-Ing. Manfred Schüle

Local court of Potsdam
HRB 19365 P
VAT ID DE 235742325