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Danpower Eesti AS

Danpower Eesti AS, formerly AS Võru Soojus, is a local heat supplying company of the Town of Võru. With about 30 employees, the company generated around € 3 million in 2013.

Võru is a town in southern Estonia with about 15,000 inhabitants. The town is the business and administrative centre of the whole district of Võru, which has approximately 43,000 inhabitants. Danpower Eesti AS is a stock company which previously was completely under municipal ownership.

Approximately 58,000 MWh/a of nonpolluting thermal energy is supplied through a 25 km long district heating network to homes, public institutions and business enterprises. The installed thermal power of Danpower Eesti AS is about 40 MW. The heat generation is based over 87 % on biomass in form of wood-chips and sawdust.

The energy genaration plants of Danpower Eesti AS are:

  • The heating plant in Võrusoo (about 35 MW)
  • The heating plant in Laane (about 2.2 MW)
  • The heating plant in Võrukivi (about 3.1 MW)

Danpower’s attention on the heat supplier was drawn by a tendering procedure initiated by the Town of Võru. Besides the offered purchasing price, the know-how in the field of district heating supply and biomass as well as the strength of financial sources were a crucial factor for the acquisition process. Since the acquisition of the heat supplying company, Danpower has invested € 2.5 million both in the district heating pipelines and in the modernisation of the heat generating plants.

On September 2 2013 Danpower Eesti AS opened a service centre in Võru for the support of German customers. The first customer is the Stadtwerke Hannover AG (enercity). The service centre has currently 22 employees.

Heating plant in Võrusoo

Danpower Eesti AS
Vilja 14
65606 Võru

Telephone +372 786415-2
Telefax      +372 786415-0

Markus Süßmann
Kairi von Wolff

Local court of Tartu
Commercial register code 10351812
VAT ID EE100414101

Aerial picture of Võru