Danpower Group


The Danpower Group develops and implements solutions for the energy supply used to generate heat, power and cooling. Beside the energy supply generated at combined heat and power generation plants, a key aspect is the implementation of renewable energies such as organic wood chip in wood-fired plants and wood-fired power plants as a supplement to the conventional fossil fuels. Just as well, the Danpower Group builds and operates biogas and special gas plants as well as projects focused on the recycling of residual materials. 

Depending on our clients’ project requirements and specifications, the companies belonging to the Danpower Group take over the entire heat supply process which takes place in the decentralized plants within the limits of contracting models. This includes the following:

  • Consulting and conception
  • Design engineering and project management
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Periodic maintenance and operational management
  • Energy supply and billing

We also offer all of these services as separate sections.

The solutions in detail

In the context of contracting models, the Danpower Group takes over the following services:

  • Acquisition and construction of power generating plants
  • Acquisition and construction of local and district heating systems
  • Operation management of own and third party plants
  • Full technical business activity including corrective and periodic maintenance
  • Fuel management for conventional and renewable fuels
  • Standby and fault elimination service
  • Energy supply billing based on sector-specific solutions certified by German auditing institutes
  • Full commercial service for power supply plants

In order to generate heat and electricity, the companies belonging to the Danpower Group operate:

  • Heat stations working with conventional fuels
  • Combined heat and power generation plants (CHP)
  • Wood-fired power stations (CHP which works with ORC- Organic Rankine Cycle)
  • Wood-fired stations
  • Biogas/special gas plants
  • Industrial heating power stations/thermal treatment plants for residual waste