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Bitterfelder Fernwärme GmbH

The Bitterfelder Fernwärme GmbH (BFG) is a medium-sized company, which supplies housing companies, public institutions as well as private and industrial consumers in Bitterfeld and Sandersdorf with thermal energy.

Bitterfelder Fernwärme GmbH currently supplies around 6,000 homes with district heating and hot water. 7 heat stations and 4 heating containers supply with heat approximately 45 % of the homes in Bitterfeld and Sandersdorf as well as municipal and industrial institutions through a 65 km long heating grid.

About 70 % of the heat quantities are supplied to housing companies, whereas 30 % are supplied to public institutions and industrial consumers.

Bitterfelder Fernwärme GmbH
OT Bitterfeld
Bahnhofstr. 30
06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Telephone +49 (3493) 3751-0
Telefax      +49 (3493) 3751-22

Dipl.-Ing. Mario Engler
Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Cl. Legére-Wolbeck

Local court of Stendal
HRB 11256
VAT ID DE 139741061