Danpower Group

Barrier-free website

Here are some tips on how you can use our website in an easier and quite accessible way:

  • Text scalability/Change of the font size

You have the possibility to customise the font size in the browser program according to your viewing pattern. If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, please click the menu item 'View', then 'Font size' and then select your preferred size. If you prefer using the keypad rather than the mouse, you can also reach this by pressing “Ctrl” and +.

  • Navigation using the keypad:

You can navigate on our site not only by using the mouse, but also by using the keyboard: If you press the tab key, you can get from one menu item to another.

When we programmed our website, we also took into account the following aspect regarding its barrier-free usability:

  • The possibility to use our site even for browsers with JavaScript disabled
  • The possibility to navigate it even if you use a browser where you have chosen the option “pictures disabled”
  • Alternative style sheets in order to reach better contrasts (black/white as well as yellow/black)
  • A semantically correct setup of the HTML structure

In order to ensure that anybody can smoothly use a website (i.e. people with or without disabilities but also machines), any website should be programmed in an as barrier-free way as possible or at least in an easily accessible way. Thus, the Danpower Group also considers that it is their basic responsibility to display the contents of the website to as many users as possible. Moreover, such an internet presence has technical advantages, too: mobile end devices such as mobile phones, PDA or search engines can better process and display the website content.